Nuget explorer


Is there anyway to display the contents of a nuget package within my library? I can see the package along with its associated metadata, id, version, title etc, but it would be nice to see what dlls/files are in it without having to deploy the package or logon to the server and browse to the package on the file system.

I guess what i’m after is some sort of integration with the nuget package explorer?



Hi Justin,

Thanks for getting in touch! Just to clarify, are you talking about the in-built Octopus Package Repository?


Hi Vanessa,

Yes, that’s right. Basically I can see in my library the available packages that I have. But there isn’t any obvious way to see what files will be deployed by them? If I click on the version , it gives me some metadata, such as ID, Version, Published, Title, Summary etc?

Thanks for getting back to me,



I second this. As a easy recommendation a simple download link for the package might suffice. That way we can use the NuGet package explorer to view the contents of the package.

Hi Justin and David,

Thanks for your feedback. We have decided to add this to GitHub as it should be a quick solution.

You can track it on the above link.