NuGet deleting transformation files during deployment

My issue revolves around the transform files being deleted entirely during a release. Has anyone else ran into this issue before? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Hi Cody,

Thanks for getting in touch! To try and help you get to the bottom of this issue I need some extra information.
Could you explain a little bit more about your process, how you build your NuGet package, if you use an external feed or internal repository.
A deployment log would help as would a screenshot of your process step settings.


Hi, sorry for the lack of info. Our transform files are to transform our basic url into an https url. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error log. Thank you

Hi Cody,

Thanks for the reply. Are you able to provide the information that I asked for? You can mark the thread as private if it contains sensitive information.
Also a screenshot of your transformation files where this error could be occuring.