Nuget.CommandLine octopus fork


Yesterday you pushed two new packages to the nuget feed of your forked version of nuget.exe Nuget.CommandLine.
Those packages (3.5.0 and 4.0.0rc2) are missing the tweaks that you worked on supporting in your fork such as Semver 2.0 proper support or removing length restrictions on the pre-release tag.
The last package working as expected is 3.5.0-octopus-44558.
Can you please provide some more information on this ?.

P.S: on your github repo for this fork you mention that the builds are available on but accessing that requires a login to TC.


Hi Siraj,

Thanks for getting in touch! Those packages you mention are copies MyGet has cached from NuGet. Our custom NuGet packages all have the pre-release tag -octopus. The version bump to 3.6.0-octopus-<buildnumber> is to prevent tooling confusion with the official 3.5.0 packages.


Robert W