Notify when build is "Waiting" (Guided Failure)

We are using guided failure mode by default. Most problems that pop up for our website deployments can be fixed with a one line command and then continue on.

Recently, we’ve started using TeamCity to create and deploy releases to our Staging environment as soon as TC finishes it’s build. Since this action is automatic, if the build is waiting for manual intervention (guided failure mode), it would be nice to receive a notification when it enters that state.

The typical notify when failed steps do not work since the build never “fails”

Is there a way to accomplish this?


Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch!
Currently there is nothing that will accomplish this, but it’s a great idea.
So I’ve created a suggestion in UserVoice
Please go through and vote and comment to get this feature built.


Any idea is this is slated to become a feature on V3? Thanks!

Hi Joe,

So far it is just a suggestion in UserVoice. Please go through and add votes and comment and it might get more traction with the community.
Currently it is not planned as a new feature.