Notification support

I think a cool idea would be to support notifications (via email, IM, campfire, etc.) for deployments. Some user stories include:

  • As a user who runs a deployment (developer or release manager), I would like to be notified when Octopus begins to deploy each Nuget package.
  • As a user who runs a deployment, I would like to be notified when a deployment fails for particular environment.
  • As a project manager, I would like to be notified when a project is successfully deployed to production. That notification should include the release notes for that release.

Where I work, we have to notify certain people in the company when we start and finish a deployment for a project. It would be great to have a solution which automates that. Octopus could support this right now via the PreDeploy/Deploy/PostDeploy scripts and with the “ad-hoc powershell execution” you are developing right now. Question: would it be possible to tell Octopus to run a powershell task even if the deployment fails? That way the script can check whether there was a failure (via some variable Octopus sets) and then send the appropriate notification.

Thinking longer term, I think it’d be cool for users to be able to visit the Octopus site and subscribe to deployment events (i.e. deployment starts, ends successfully, etc.) on a per project/environment basis. Perhaps Octopus could even have a plugin API where a developer can write a plugin to support whatever type of notification they need.

Hi Steven,

I like this suggestion. There is also going to be a DeployFailed.ps1 in future which you could use to send a failure email. However, it’s something I’d like to support sending automatically.

I’ll add this to the backlog.