Notification Step Type

In using the Slack notification template from the library (!/step-template/actiontemplate-slack-notify-deployment), I had some thoughts:

It’s a little awkward that we have to run the script on a target machine (i.e. specifying a role), since all we want to do is tell Slack whether a deployment failed or succeeded. Would it be possible to have a “notification” type of deployment step that can maybe run a script on the local machine? Can this be safely done without risking bringing down the OD Server? Or maybe there could be a Slack step that works like the email notification step type.


Thanks for getting in touch. With Octopus 3.3 (currently in pre-release) you can run a script step on the server, however we haven’t currently catered for running a Script Template on the server.

I’ve raised an Issue in GitHub to make sure we include this functionality, which will most likely ship as a patch to Octopus 3.3.

Out of interest’s sake, your comment has also played a role in our rethinking how we’ve implemented the “Run a Script on the Octopus Server” feature for Octopus 3.3 in the form of this GitHub Issue.

Hope that helps!