Notificatin of upcoming maintenance or upgrades

I don’t see a way to do this, and from the other discussions found it appears this is not yet possible. When we are planning an upgrade to OD or any other Maintenance event such that for some brief period OD will not be available, we want to give your users some notice (a week to 10 days) so they can plan their upcoming deployments around these events.
Yes, we can do this outside of OD, and we currently do that. However, OD has a team called “Everyone” which is the primary list of the users that need to have this notice. It would be nice if we can leverage that collection of email recipients.

For that matter, it would be useful to likewise email teams already defined within OD. When we add new users to a team, they can also receive the same notifications without additional mods to variables. For example, success and failure deployment messages could go to “Project Developers”, “Project Leads”, and “Project Viewers”. As Agile teams morph, and new members come on, and some leave, having a single update to the teams would be very convenient, and offer minimal risk of error.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch! I can see how those features would be useful. Those features are not on our current roadmap, but I do see you’ve found some similar suggestions on User Voice. That is the best place to lend your support to those kinds of features so they gain traction based on demand.

In the meantime perhaps you could consider a workaround like this to send an email to the Everyone Group:

  1. Create a project for these notifications
  2. Add an Email step
  3. Choose the Everyone team as the recipients
  4. Author your content
  5. Create a “release” and deploy it - this doesn’t do anything except send the email!

If you want to send an email with different content you would need to update your process, create a new release, and deploy it.

Due to your suggestion I’ve discovered our email step documentation was slightly out of date, so I’ve taken the liberty of refreshing it:

Hope that helps!