Notes against variables

It would be handy, given the very “free-text” nature of Octopus variables, if it was possible to include a “notes” column on the variable editing page for variable sets.

This would be useful when overriding or simply editing the value of a variable for describing what the variable is used for, and what format it might need to have.

For example, we have a variable called “applicationName”, and I always have to look around for where it’s used, because I can never remember whether it’s supposed to have the environment in it, or whether it is used alongside the environment name in an expression (e.g. “#{applicationName} (#{environment})”).


Thanks for getting in touch!

We have the following GitHub issue to overhaul the whole variable editor that you can follow for status on our progress on it. We also have this UserVoice idea to improve the entire variables UI which is the top voted idea and it is high on our list of things to work on to improve the Octopus experience for our customers.

Go put some votes on the UserVoice idea and you should be notified once it has been implemented.

Hope that helps!