Not deploying my windows phone 8.1 app in emulators

Error 2 Error : DEP6100 : The following unexpected error occurred during boostrapping stage ‘Preparing for start’:
UnauthorizedAccessException - Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) FieldTekPro

showing the results above like this.
i am using visual studio 2013 .
i attach my screenhot of error i received during deploying.

so please help in that, regards.

error.rtf (6 MB)

i am pinning the error which arised while during buiding program



Thanks for getting in touch! Are you able to supply your full build or deploy log?

They should help me figure out where the error is occurring in relation to Octopus.


to me not showing anything or options like that which are shown in the step by step guide


Are you using Octopus Deploy to deploy your application? If you aren’t I am sorry but I cannot help, as this forum is support for Octopus Deploy.



Ok thank you .
How can I install Octopus deploy for visual studio, could you help in that?