Not Able to update binding with certificate

Hi i am octopus is not updating the binding in the iis site after deployment even after giving correct details .
please check this snapshot and server logs

image| (218.4 KB)4

Hi Siddhartha,

We talked via email yesterday about recreating the project. If the Certificate is still not being applied properly let me know and I will reach-out to our Australian Team for advice.

Thank you,


Hi Tina ,

The Certificate issue is not yet resolved ,

still we are facing same issue

Hi Siddhartha,
Im sorry to hear that.

Before the new cert was updated in the cert Libarary, and the project was still applying the old cert, was the old cert listed in the binding? Meaning, did the cert field start showing up blank in the binding after the library was updated with the new cert?

Thanks for sticking with me to sort this out.


Hi Tina please the snap . I am still seeing this in binding .

Can we have one more session on call?

Hi Siddhartha,
Did you have a chance to try the test I sent you via email? Let me know if you still want to set up another call?


Hi Tina ,

Sorry for late response I have replaced the old certificate with the new one still we are facing same issue .

We are planning to move to production next week with automation can you please help me to fix this .

Hi Siddhartha,
I’m terrible sorry this is still an issue.

If possible I’d like you to run a couple more tests.
Here are the questions I’d like to answer:

  1. Can the Cert be set to the binding in IIS manually? Verifying that there are no errors when applying the certs manually.

  2. Delete the new cert from the server and run the Octopus project with the old cert. Does the old cert get applied correctly?

Let me know how this goes.

Thank you,

Hi Tina ,

I was busy last couple of days didn’t get a chance to reply to your email .

We are trying to deploy our applications to Prod Env thru octopus. we got below issue in Prod Env. while promoting from Pre-Prod Env.

I have new certificate for Prod Env (i.e.; Different certificates for non-prod and Prod).

I have assigned both Certificates for one Variable as below.

Please help me in solving this . Can we have call scheduled this Monday at 10am cst ?

Morning Siddhartha,
Hope you had a nice weekend.

I can meet with you this morning after 8:30 pst.

Let me know if that works for you.

Thank you,


Hi Tina ,

Thanks for your response unfortunately my offshore team mates left for the day .

As i want them to join us in the call .

can u schedule a meeting tmrw at 8.30 pst it works for me .

and send me the meeting invite for confirmation so that i can block my calendar .

Hey Siddartha,

Thanks for the quick response. I have a conflict with 8:30am pst tomorrow, but I’m avalible at 7:30am pst.

Will that work for you and your team?

Thank you,

Yes Tina 7.30 am Pst works me please send me the meeting invite .

Great! I’ve sent you a meeting request with the zoom invite shown below.

Tina Bamford is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Octopus Support
Time: Jul 2, 2019 07:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Let me know if you didn’t receive the meeting request or have any other concerns.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.