Not able to deploy .net code in Azure Web Apps

Hello Team,

I’m trying to deploy the .net code in Azure web app, but for specific web apps alone, I’m facing the below issue. In the deployment package step, I can see the files are updated in the destination (web app) and in the logs I’m seeing “Successfully deployed to Azure. 0 objects added. 5 objects updated. 0 objects deleted.” But when I check the web app, I don’t see any files deployed there. When I was checking the octopus verbose logs, I’m seeing the below lines,

Retrieved publishing profile. URI: ‘https://$instart500__deploy:$$$key$$$@instart500-deploy.scm.$$$key$$$’ as ‘$instart500__deploy’. Performing synchronization pass #1.
_Pre-authenticating to remote agent URL ‘https://$instart500__deploy:$$$key$$$@instart500-deploy.scm.$$$key$$$’ as ‘$instart500__deploy’. Source filePath (C:\Octopus\Work\20180614050334-59842-2267\staging\ANCOM\503.html) does not match destination (instart500(deploy)\ANCOM\503.html) differing in attributes (lastWriteTime[‘06/14/2018 05:03:35’,‘06/14/2018 04:39:49’]). Update pending. _
_The dependency check ‘DependencyCheckInUse’ found no issues. Received response from agent (HTTP status ‘OK’). The current synchronization pass is missing stream content for 5 objects. _
The synchronization completed in 2 pass(es). Successfully deployed to Azure. 0 objects added. 5 objects updated. 0 objects deleted.

Note: Masked the secret key’s and password as $$$key$$$ in the above logs

We are using the below steps to do the deployment

  1. Deleting and recreating the deployment slot
  2. Deploy the code in the deployment slot (using the default package deployment slot given by Octopus)
  3. Swap the slots

Octopus Deploy version: 4.1.8

Please let me know if you have any insights on this issue.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Karthik,

We can’t say that we have seen this before. It may be worthwhile to double check that you are indeed looking at the correct slot as it’s pretty easy to get things mixed up :slight_smile:

If that isn’t the issue, could I get you to attach the raw task logs, please?


Thanks Shaun!!

When I was checking the raw logs, I came to know about this. We are using common web app names which is hosted in two RG groups and we missed to give the RG name in the deploy package step :frowning: My bad!! So it was updating in the wrong web app.

Hi Karthik,

No problem at all. Don’t hestitate to let us know if there is anything else we can help with :slight_smile: