Not able to deploy (migrating from Deployment Manager)


My name is Callon Campbell from Telmetrics and I’m migrating from Deployment Manager to Octopus. I did the initial migration last August, and all projects, environments and variables migrated over. I then updated each of my environments with the Octopus agent. All environment agents show online.

That is where I left things off as work got very busy in the fall. Now I’m picking up where I left off and trying to get a deployment working and I’m not having any success. My apps have the OctoPac installed and I’m using the TeamCity plugin to generate packages on a build. My Octopus server has the TeamCity nuget package feed and sees the packages just fine. I’ve configured my Numa app to be able to deploy to the QA3 environment.

Attached are screenshots from various parts of the system showing what’s going on…or really the lack of anything working.

Let me know if you require some specific information.


  • My Dashboard just shows my deployment as queued. It sits queued.
  • Task progress just sits idle with no information showing up.
  • Nothing shows up in the Task Log.
  • When I go to the Tasks view, I see two queued tasks. There is no indication why it’s queued or when it will be processed. Eventually the tasks just timeout.
  • Diagnostics show nothing of interest. (2 MB)

I’m using Octopus Deploy (server and environment machines).

There is nothing in the raw diagnostics to include.

Hi Callon,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please try repairing the RavenDB and try again?

Let me know how it goes.



I am out of the office on vacation and will be returning Wednesday February 11.

If you require immediate assistance please contact Michael Lauweart.


Back from vacation and the issue is resolved. Thanks.