Node went offline during deployment (Issue)

during the latest round of our deployments we’ve got a following issue reported from our customer support team:


I erased the name of the deployment target, but it is all of the information, that we have at the moment. Any idea how this could happen, what we can check or do to ensure that this will not be happening in future? In case that any additional information is required, just let us know and we’ll do so.

Thank you very much!

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It could be that the deployment coincided with the daily outage window. If you are able to provide the instance name/URL and the time that the deployment was cancelled we can take a look at what was occurring.


Thanks for the prompt response.

The instance url is: Octopus Deploy

Time when it happend was: 1st of August, 3:06AM either CEST or UTC depending on which time zone is displayed below


That does look like it would coincide with the outage window and there was an upgrade occurring on your instance on that day, which would explain why the node was offline.

Thank you very much. That makes a lot of sense. We checked for option to set maintenance window according to the documentation but with no luck. Does it require some special permission, or something like that? Thank you again!

It should be accessible by a normal instance user I believe.

From the page after logging in you should be able to access the Control Center option from the drop down at the top right.
Then selecting the Cloud instance and Configuration should get you to the right page.


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