No triggers run between 11pm and midnight

Because Octopus has a very poor ability to be monitored for success/failure by external monitoring solutions I created a simple job that makes an API call to get status of jobs. That job is triggered to run every 5 minutes.
I tried via the simple CRON expression 0 */5 * * * * which works as well as the standard Daily>Interval/Minute=5 schedule.

It works fine until 10:59:59 but then it won’t get triggered again until midnight.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you have hit this issue.
We have recently fixed an bug around scheduled triggers missing intervals (link) which should be fixed in 2019.11.0
What version of Octopus Server are you running?

Kind regards,
Tom W

We are still on 2019.8.4. I’ll see that we can get an upgrade rolled out and we’ll see if this fixes the issue.