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I Installed the following(on a Mivrosoft Virtual PC with SQLExpress edition)

  1. OctopusPortal-0.8.375.1981.msi
  2. OctopusTentacle-0.8.375.1981.msi

When I browse to the portal, am consistently getting the below error. Help!

Database upgrade required
The database that powers your Octopus installation requires an upgrade. This usually happens after you install a new release of Octopus.

To resolve this issue:

1.Log on locally or via Remote Desktop to the server running your Octopus installation
2.From the Start menu, click Octopus->Server Tools
3.On the Database tab, click the Save and Test button
4.Click the Deploy button
If you have any problems, please report them on the Octopus support site.

Found my own answer. Since I had used a custom port, I had to change user “Network Services” to a local user with admin privilege.

Thanks for the update, and sorry for the delayed reply - this post was originally marked as spam for some reason.

That page appears when there is any SQL error, which is a bug I’ll try to fix shortly.

This issue has been fixed - the latest download will show the errors correctly.