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I’ve just installed (server and tentacle) and am having a few problems with the server portion. The setup all seemed to go fine (nuget feeds, steps etc), and my first build failed. This in itself is not really an issue, I expected to have a few configuration problems (getting thumbprints right etc). The problem is when I click on the big red failed button (which takes me to /releases/0.11/deployments/deployments-1) I get a error screen saying “Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1)”

I have attached the full error

error.txt (4 KB)

My bad, all I needed to do was give network service permissions to the windows temp directory.

That’ll teach me to jfgi!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch and glad you found the problem. Kind of surprising that Network Service didn’t already have temp access. Is there a custom group policy that applies to your machines?


Hi Chris,

Glad you found the solution :slight_smile: I’ll write it down in the documentation in case anyone else has the same problem.