"No machines were found for the tenant in the role" is success but should be a fail

See this topic

where the user is advised to suggest this as a feature. I found this suggestion

which has been “declined”, with no explanation.

Then see this topic

where the user is requesting the same thing, and is advised to set the “IsRequired” on all of the steps (which I would argue is not the correct solution, since that is not what that property is intended for).

Then see this topic

where the user has done what is requested in the topic above; but it hasn’t worked - it has still skipped the step, and the explanation is (as I would have expected) that this is by design, because that isn’t what that property is intended for.

I definitely think this should be a failure, since it means you are trying to deploy something and the relevant components are not in place in that environment. Please can someone reconsider the “declined” suggestion (and publish an explanation as to why it was declined). I’m the fifth person who has raised this, and there seems to be no way of doing this, and it is a surprise when Octopus says the deployment was successful; but my components have not been deployed.

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