No issue links or Jira story updates

I am experiencing an issue that might be similar to Jira Issue Tracker setup issues - #16 by zandreb.

I currently use Octopus Cloud and Jira cloud, and have set up my integration between the two correctly (the two Test buttons come back green). I’m using Jenkins pipelines for my build process and am pushing the build information before creating the Release. I have also configured my Octopus environments to match up to various Jira environments.

I can also see the build information in Library -> Packages in Octopus correctly. If I go through Library -> Build Information, I get a red error with some nice dev notes: "Error converting value “Currently hardcoded to 60-second idle and 30-second timeout for staying active to ease testing. Let me know if that should be smaller, and make a story to reconfigure with prod values when passed testing.” to type ‘Octopus.Server.Extensibility.JiraIntegration.Integration.JiraDoc’. Path ‘issues[0].fields.comment.comments[0].body’, line 1, position 1592. Could not cast or convert from System.String to Octopus.Server.Extensibility.JiraIntegration.Integration.JiraDoc.

The problems I’m seeing is that the Jira issues are not links in the Release Notes, and I do not get deployment information in my Jira stories when connected via commit comments.

This WAS working weeks ago, but at some point it stopped. I’m not sure when, we just noticed it was missing when we needed it the most.

Can anyone provide some advice, maybe things I might have misconfigured or otherwise messed up?

Hi @pjohnson,

Thanks for reaching out and for all of the information.

I believe this is likely the same issue as listed here:

Can you please give that a look and confirm if you think it’s the same issue you’re experiencing?


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your reply! The issue you linked seems to be specific to Octopus Server I think, but my environment is in Octopus Cloud. My issue is very similar to zandreb’s, based on my read-through of that thread.

Hey @pjohnson,

Our Octopus Cloud is actually the same product as Octopus Server, they aren’t independent products like some other companies. We are just handling running the Octopus Server in the cloud for you.

Since you think it is the same as zandreb’s, you can follow this issue I posted for him.

Please let me know if you think issue 56 covers your scenario or if there is something else going on.


I guess maybe they are the same? My error reports a value which looks to be some debug text from an Octopus dev, but the error message looks largely the same as 56 I suppose.

Hey @pjohnson,

Thanks for confirming. This is one of our integrations teams top priorities right now so if you subscribe to that, you should get updates ASAP.

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.


Okay, thank you Jeremy!

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