Newbie question: Octopus and TeamCity

I’m evaluating Octopus and TeamCity for a project I’m working on. I have a .NET solution that consists of a web application and a class library. I’ve added the .nuspec and packages.config to the web application in my solution.

I’ve set up a TeamCity project per the instructions here:

When TeamCity attempts to build, I get an error telling me that \packages\OctoPack.1.0.111\targets\OctoPack.targets wasn’t found. That is correct; OctoPack looks like it put the packages directory on the same level as my solution file. Should I be added that folder to my project and committing it? It seems out of place that it’s not in the same folder as my web application.

Second questions: when I try to do a release build locally, it fails because there’s no .nuspec file in the class library project. Do I need to add that to all my projects?

Just as an FYI, when I initially installed OctoPack, I mistakenly had my class library selected as the default project. I deleted the packages.config from the class library and redid the installation using my web application. I’m not sure if that mistake is causing some of my problems.


I found that not all the references are removed when uninstalling via nuget. I edited the proj file to find the references left behind.