New Variable features

I noticed the prompted variables window changed with upgrade to 3.11.4. It now shows Show Editor link, I was trying to find documentation that describes the new fields on the modal for configuring a prompted variable? what is the second drop down on the right for, can validation of the variable be done here?

Hi Michael,

I’m assuming you mean the syntax-selector (as shown in the attached image)?

This is not used for validation, only for syntax-highlighting. This is useful if your variable value is, for example, XML or JSON configuration.

To clarify, the modal variable editor is no longer only used to edit the prompted variable settings. Is it now used for:

  • Changing the variable type (Text, Sensitive, Certificate).
  • Changing the prompt settings
  • Anytime it is preferable to have multi-line variable editing and/or syntax highlighting.

I hope that helps. Your question made us realize our documentation could do with some updating regarding this editor.

Michael R

Yes, correct. It would be nice to be able to have a section on this page where you can use some code or choose some param validation options to make sure the entered values are correct before attempting any further steps. I usually add a script step as the first step in my projects and use some PowerShell code to do some validation on the values being passed in….