New Octopus server - create account successfully and verify / test but account screen has yellow bar at top and nothing else


We have a new Octo server. I exported all the data from the old server and imported into new server using the Octo export / import tools.
The server has been working fine in every aspect but we needed to create Azure subscriptions. See pic attached(AzureSubShowing.PNG). We create a subscription called Azure.xxxxxxx.Dev and it saved and tested. But when we go to the accounts screen and click on the account we get a mostly blank screen with a yellow bar across top. See other pic attached(yelloBar.PNG).

I have also attached the task log:(taskLog.PNG)

Any help would be appreciated as we now cant deploy to Azure.


This is now not an issue although it still seems like a bug. We enabled multi-tenant and the problem went away.

Hi Russ,

Thanks for reporting this. I would like to try and get to the bottom of what happened. If you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions to clear up the scenario.

Was the multi-tenancy feature enabled on your origin server and then when imported to the destination this feature needed to be enabled again?
Or was it a case of turning on that feature was new to the destination server but enabling it stopped the error from showing?
Did the accounts import correctly (from what you can tell, they now deploy)?

Let me know.