New instance of previously reported bug


I’ve come across this issue when scrolling Project -> variables -> all with the “db.” filter applied:

If I scroll without the filter the issue is not being reproduced

Hi @pazrodrigo,
Thanks for reaching out. I attempted to reproduce the minified react error your seeing in version 2019.12.0 with no luck. Issue 6125 was resolved in version 2019.13.5 and should have been backported to v2019.12.0. It’s possible that the fix didn’t get applied correctly.

I’ll verify that the fix was backported and get back to you shortly. In the meantime, can you send me a screenshot of the filter you applied to get this error?

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind Regards,

Hi Tina, sure…

Hi @pazrodrigo,
Thank you for the screenshot. I’m still unable to replicate the error. Do you, by chance have plans to upgrade to version 2019.13.5 in the near future?

Thank you,

Tina, let me bring that up and will log another issue if it is still happening, it is not critical at the moment

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