New feature: Set deploy time threshold


We have some projects that uses Web Deploy to Azure. It works fine most of the time, but sometimes a deployment process freezes during the web deployment step. The problem then is that we can’t do any releases on any project until an administrator who can access all projects goes in and cancels that specific deployment.

A suggestion for a new feature (if it doesn’t exist somewhere already) is that you should be able to set a max time threshold for a deployment step. When it exceeds this time limit, it cancels the deployment. Either that you do it globally in Octopus settings, on a project or a specific step in a project.

How does that sound?


Hi Frank,

Thanks for reaching out.

This feature already exists when deploying to azure using our steps introduced in 3.1 instead of Web Deploy:

Have you tried those already? They will fail given a certain amount of idle time.

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First this requires management certificates to a whole Azure subscription – something that requires a lot more rights than just deploying to 1 site.
Secondly, Azure/Microsoft is phasing out management certificates – meaning that they don’t want you to be using it in the future.

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Hi Frederik,

Those are very good points. We use the Service Management API for Azure right now for Web Apps and Cloud Services. We would need to move to using the Resource Management API, but they don’t support Cloud Services as yet. We were planning to move both over in a single feature release in the future.

Once we move over to Resource Management API, It’ll be much easier to lock down the account’s permissions to ,for example ,only allow a user to deploy a specific site.

RE your specific feature request, please feel free to drop by Uservoice and log it in there. That’s the place where we go to check user’s requests when we are looking for fresh ideas.

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