New community step template missing referenced packages

I’ve just had a new step template accepted and merged to the community library:

On adding the template in Octopus now, it seems to be missing the referenced packages. The template references 2 packages (example line 8) but they seem to get lost when retrieving the template via Octopus.

I have to add the references back in again and save a local copy of the template with the correct bindings and the correct package reference name.

Is this expected behaviour? It means people have additional work to do and have to know what the references need to be called.

Hey Daniel,

My sincere apologies, this is not expected behavior!

I found there was bug in the Community Library site that caused the Package References to be dropped from the JSON we build and send to Octopus as part of the Community Library sync task.

I’ve shipped a fix for this bug, so once you’re Community Library sync task runs the package references should be available in the step in Octopus.

Thank you and best regards,

Many thanks Henrik.

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This seems to be working now. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi Daniel,

Great to hear it is working for you now!

Thanks for letting me know.

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