Never ending Canceling

Very often we have this issue - when there’re problems with machines or network some tasks are running indefinitely. That might be even built-in Octopus email sent step. But the main problem is that aborting these deployments is impossible! Instead of that the whole process status is not Canceled but something like “Cancelling”

We’re running latest Octopus Server, the problem which I’m describing appears from time to time since much older versions of the app, like for a year old ones.
The only solution to actually get rid of tasks like these, which blocks tasks’ queue is restarting whole machine that hosts Octopus Server, because in cases like these restarting service is also impossible.

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This is something that we have come across before. Our engineers are making efforts to find a solution, however, the intermittent nature of the issue makes it difficult to reproduce and ultimately fix.


Ok, thank you. But like I said, the problem seems very old. I’m pretty sure that was not an issue with very old Octopus Server, but I can’t provide version from which the problem started to occur :frowning:

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