Network speed limiting

We have an country-wide network that we want to use Octopus to manage deployment for some new projects.
Our only limitation is that we have 2Mbps links to each location, and we cannot afford to flood these links when a deployment occurs.

Does Octopus Deploy have some way of limiting the speed of the data push out to the tentacles?

Hi Christian,

Thanks for getting in touch. Octopus doesn’t have anything built-in to limit bandwidth, so your best bet would be to look at something external.

There are free and commercial programs that can do it on a per-process level, but there’s also a good chance that your router/firewall may be able to apply some kind of limit based on the destination port that Tentacle uses.

Hope this helps, let me know if there’s anything else we could do.

Paul Stovell

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I thought this might be the case, I’ll ping our Network team to see if we can’t do as you suggested.