Negative tenant tags on steps

Hi! Is there anyway to define to exclude a step depending on tenant?

Step A should be run for all Tenant-tag-A
Step B should be run for all that does not have Tenant-tag-A

I know I can use conditional logic, but it is really messy an unclear in the overview. So if in the project process, one can clearly see that a step is run only for tenants which this tag, but the second one (B) in the process overview looks like it is also run on tenants with tag A.

A simple example is configuring a program into being a certain mode and all tenants tag with A should use mode A, while the other uses a standard mode.

Would it not make sense to use a negative != for tenant tags as well?

Hi Johan,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is a good question, and while we don’t currently have the ability to do a != tenant tag in the step’s scoping, you could get the same behavior with conditional logic. I see what you mean by this then not being visible from the overview screen though.

This may be a good suggestion to add up on our UserVoice site to help us gauge demand for this idea.

If you did decide on doing a variable run condition, you could create a project variable valued True which is scoped to Tenant-tag-A. Then use a variable run condition on Step B to skip the step if that variable exists (something like #{Unless VarName}#{/unless}.

I’m sorry it’s not better news! Please let me know if we can assist with anything else going forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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