Need to use "newline" aka crlf in config setting

Hi all,

I do have the following app setting:
<add key="Archipel:Tickets:Reactie:Onderschrift" value="Met vriendelijk groet,&#13;&#10;Batavia Wonen" />

Its in dutch, but the value has to be split over 2 lines (hence the crlf in the middle). The sample above does exactly what its supposed to do.

When I use this on octopus and I want a slightly different version in the deployments we have. I end up with something else in the config file:


<add key="Archipel:Tickets:Reactie:Onderschrift" value="Met vriendelijk groet,&amp;#13;&amp;#10;Batavia Wonen" />

During the deployment the “#” is replaced by “amp”, which of course does not produce the desired effect.

Any suggestions how to fix this?



Thanks for getting in touch. The value of the variable in Octopus needs to be unescaped - so simply enter the value as you would like to see it in the UI, using newlines instead of escape characters.

Met vriendelijk groet,
Batavia Wonen


Ooo, I didn’t see that one coming :wink:

Works like a charm, thanks!