Need to force a task status


In deploying a Windows service, the task comes back with errors. The service in question is one of those types which shut down immediately if there’s nothing for it to do. Naturally, Octopus is reporting that it can’t start the service as it is, by design, shutting itself down. However, everything in the deployment is correct and my runtime logging is confirming that. How do I force this to go green so that I can promote it and so on?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. The good new is that we already discussed adding this feature to Octopus, and we even created a github issue for it:

Though I cannot give you an estimate date for when we’ll add it, Its worth noting that we didn’t create a Uservoice suggestion so people can vote for it, and instead we went straight to a github issue. That means we strongly believe in this feature and that we’ll eventually get to it.