Need the ability to override the name of a step

By default the name of the step is the name of the Nuget feed. However this is not always desirable. Two scenarios come to mind:

  • When we deploy obscurely-named packages from an external Nuget feed that we have no control over.
  • The package exhibits different behaviours driven by changes in config driven by Octopus Variables. In this case we wish to deploy the package more than once, to multiple destinations on the same server but with slightly different application configuration. This gives rise to another issue whereby forcing redeploy of one of the step variants becomes tricky because it becomes difficult to identify the step that you wish to redeploy if they all have the same name…

It would be nice if the Step name defaults to the package name but the administrator had the ability to rename it.

Version affected:

Thanks for the suggestion Brad, I’ve added it to the backlog: