Need for selective access to the script console

Hello, we have quite large installation, ~1000 Projects, a lot of users and environments. From time to time our deployment staff need to do something on tentacles - restart some broken service, fix something quick, etc. If they had Script Console access, they would do it in 1 minute. But without such access, they need to open RDP or, what is also an often case, ask for g2m session from clients, which will make 1m task become 30m to several hours task.

It would be a great help if we’ve been able to grant script console access based on environments.

We can implement a workaround, thus implement our own UI which allows sending scripts to script console for any user based on permissions from Octopus, but having similar functionality in Octopus would be much better.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently the console is designed to only be used by administrators:

There is however a UserVoice suggestion to add script console permission that could use some love.
If you could vote/comment it would help move this closer to being implimented.