MVC 3.0 to IIS 6.0

Has anyone deployed a MVC 3.0 web application to an IIS 6.0 environment using OD? If so could you share examples of your methods of how you did it?

Thanks much!

This question is not related to Octopus but to MVC3 on IIS 6.0
You need to configure IIS properly and within octopus you can do that using PowerShell (quite an easy task)

Follow this link


Thanks so much for your response!

do you have examples of this powershell you are talking about? I have some of the powershell already done… I haven’t been able to do the “axd” via powershell. I am also unable to the website from anonymous" auth to “windows” auth via powershell for IIS 6.0. Haven’t haven’t had much success searching for it on the web either.


Man you need to learn how to use Google …

How to change handlers

How to add authentication


I appreciate this. Yes, you are right :slight_smile: I am constantly learning.

However, I’ve been through this… appears that these snap-ins such as Set configuratoin don’t work on windows 2003 servers with IIS 6.0 on it. Tried installing Powershell 3.0 on this and that didn’t work either…

Again, really appreciate you posting back…


I am sorry I sent a reply by phone and didn’t come through.
So, in IIS 6 the metadata structure is way different than < 7.0 so in order to achieve the same using PowerShell you need to work with PowerShell and WMI.
Remember, this will work only with IIS 6 because IIS 7 has a different metadata structure, so you’ll have to adapt your code or switch to the new PowerShell snap. I also kindly suggest you to update IIS because of security and configuration issues you may face working on MVC.