Multiple tentacles on linux

How can we configure multiple tentacle on a linux server. Could not find any related documentation.
Can you guide on how we can configure as per above?

Thank you,
Kishore Garlapati

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

Currently, there’s no tentacles for our Linux (SSH) targets. Octopus connects directly with ssh. We are working on a linux tentacle agent, and when it comes, it will have the same setup as our existing tentacle.

As things stand for the ssh deployment targets, you can configure multiple deployment targets backed by the same linux machine (that’s two deployment targets with the same linux host). In doing that, you should consider why - if you’re treating the linux box as two completely separate things, then maybe you’ll want to setup two accounts on the machine to separate it’s personas, but it’s also worth considering if what you are modelling is a single target with multiple roles.


Thanks for your reply Michael. Our requirement on linux is quite simple so we like to host multiple deployment targets on same machine as we currenlty do on windows. Since we have a strict user permissions we cannot have multiple accounts on same machine. Given the case how can we configure multiple targets using same user account on same host. We have similar set up in windows and we are succesfully using it from longtime.


You can create two deployment targets that reference the same machine - e.g. with tentacle you can have two tentacle instances on the one machine and register each as a deployment target, or you can register the one tentacle instance as two targets.

You have the same options with ssh - so you can register two deployment targets that both reference the same ssh machine.

Hope that helps.


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