Multiple Targets Connected to Same Tentacle


I was curious if there’s any issue with connecting multiple machines to the same tentacle.
In other words, if I go to Infrastructure >> Deployment Targets, can I add TargetA and TargetB using the same machine name and port (so same tentacle endpoint).

To clarify further, what I’d like to do is simply install 1 tentacle and connect multiple targets, so a 1-to-many, versus installing 1 tentacle for every target or 1-to-1.

Additionally, would there be any issue with using the same tentacle for both a target and a worker.

I’ve tried doing both of these and I’ve seen no issues so far, but I was hoping to confirm that this is acceptable.

Thank you!

Hi @pixman20!

This is possible, yes! While it’s not the usual method we use for deployments, it has been done before.

If I may ask, what’s your use case for doing things this way? Helping us understand the why helps us better support you and other cases where someone is trying to achieve the same goals.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Justin,

We are setting up an experimental environment, which is basically 1 server that’s going to simulate other environments that contain many servers. For simplicity’s sake, it’s easier for us to just have 1 tentacle on the machine and connect as many workers and deployment targets to that one server than to manage a tentacle for each worker/target we connect to it. This may not be ideal with respect to performance, but since all we’re testing is configuration changes, we just want to know the changes work before pushing them up to an environment that can affect development.

Hope that helps clarify our scenario. Thanks for the quick feedback.


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