Multiple steps in process

Hi , is it possible to template commonly used steps in the release process,as a multiple step process template ? for example if our release process must have the below processes flow.

drain stop [powershell script] -> release nuget package [Deploy Nuget]-> notify user [Send and Email] -> Wait for Confirmation [Manual intervention required] - > repeat on second server … ->

we would have something like a “multiple step template type” with all our common steps used the the release process to meet our internal release standards.

Thanks in advance

Hi Mathew,

Thanks for getting in touch! It is not currently possible. So I went searching for a similar suggestion on UserVoice and found this

it already has 100+ votes, which means its pretty popular. If you go and add your votes and comments it will have even more support and that gives it a great chance of being built.

Hope that helps!