Multiple Release deployment on same Tenant

Currently my tenant has few machines, some with ‘AppServer’ role and some with ‘Client’ role.
I have two separate releases to be deployed on AppServer machines and Client machines
But when I select this tenant to deploy Release ‘1’ for AppServer, it starts fine, but when i select same tenant to deploy Release ‘2’ for Client, it queues up instead of starting straight away.
Is there a way the execution can run simultaneously for same tenant but different target roles?
Please advise.

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for getting in touch! Each deployment is run as a separate task, regardless of whether they are tenanted or un-tenanted deployments. Octopus actively prevents similar tasks from running at the same time to avoid problems with concurrency on your deployment targets. When it comes to deployments, Octopus will prevent two deployments of the same Project + Environment + Tenant combination from running at the same time. This is why you’re seeing the tasks queue up.

Even if we were to relax this restriction, there’s no guarantee the deployments will run simultaneously, repeatably and predictably.

Perhaps you could model AppServer and Client as two different projects. This would allow you to deploy two releases of the different projects to the same tenant concurrently.

Either way I think you should ensure your deployment process is not dependent on being simultaneous.

Hope that helps!