Multiple projects with single release


My octopus deploy project is becoming too large and difficult to manage. I was thinking of breaking the single project into multiple projects, but if I do that, how do I manage the release? I dont want to create multiple releases to deploy the projects as it don’t make sense. It would be great if I can specify multiple projects for the same release.

Please help.


Hi Suraj,

Thanks for getting in touch! That’s not something that can be done currently. We have a UserVoice suggestion up about this. Make sure to head over and vote for this suggestion to give it a better chance of being completed.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



That’s disappointing, thank you for the voting information.

How do your larger customers achieve this, surely it would have to be managed somehow?

Also, can this not be achieved with ProjectGroups?


Hi Suraj,

Thank you for your reply. This cannot be done with ProjectGroups, as that’s just a way to group projects via the interface and has no effect on orchestration. It doesn’t give the capability to chain your projects together.

Larger customers don’t usually have to do project-chaining as generally their projects aren’t complex enough to necessitate it.

As Octopus is built API-first, you can script via the API a way to chain your projects together.

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