Multiple principals contain a matching Identity

There are two employees at our company with the same name, so we have two very similar user accounts in Active Directory - for example: John Smith and JohnSmith

We have configured Octopus to use ActiveDirectory and this works fine for most of our users. Only one of the similarly named employees needs to access Octopus and he already has an account created in Octopus that matches his Active Directory account.

However, whenever he tries to log in (either using the form, or by clicking the “Sign in with your Microsoft Domain Account” link) it fails. The log shows “System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.MultipleMatchesException: Multiple principals contain a matching Identity”

Is there anything I can do to get Octopus to pick up on the correct account?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch. I assume the user accounts actually have different UPN (User Principal Names)? Could you try specifying the full UPN for the two users and let me know how you go?

For example: and

Hope that helps.