Multiple Octopus Instances on Different Hosts

The documentation does not suggest any support for multiple instances running on different servers/machines. Ideally I don’t want to touch Octopus Production box, but create a test instance and deploy to it [but with the luxury of a database copied from prod box]. Why should I create extra load/use the prod resources if my aim is just to get a test box? Is there anything we can do?

Hi Ebru,

Thanks for reaching out. You can definitely install another instance of Octopus on a different server. If you want to keep using the database copied from the prod box, all you need to do is:

  1. Make a copy of your Master Key
  2. Take a backup of your SQL database.
  3. Restore your SQL database on your new SQL server.
  4. Create a new Octopus instance in your new machine and point it to your new SQL Server. During the Instance Wizard you’ll be asked for the Master Key.

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Hi Dalmiro,
When you take these steps, your new test instance gives a “License limits exceeded” warning because the active node count has gone up by 1. How can this be rectified so you can run a test instance on a second machine?


You need to remove the node that references the previous instance and keep the one that belongs to the current instance following these instructions:

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Thank you Dalmiro, it works perfectly fine!