Multiple Octopus Deploy Servers


I want to be sure of how to interpret the sentence “The EULA allows you to use the same license key on up to three separate Octopus Deploy server instances”. Does it mean up to three instances on one Octopus Deploy Server machine or can I install Octopus Deploy Server on up to three machines? We have an enterprise license that we are using in one division of our company and we have installed Octopus Deploy server on one machine. Now other divisions want to start use Octopus as well and they wonder if they can use our license and install their own Octopus Deploy Server on a separate machine. So I wonder if we can use the same enterprise license on several octopus deploy server installations.


Hi Isabel,

Thanks for getting in touch! The three instances can be on multiple physical (or virtual) machines or one, so long as the total instance count is 3. So you could have them all on different machines, or all on one or any combination to get to 3.

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Thank you for the clarification!

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If you have a license supporting 60 servers, does this mean if you have 3 instances of the Deploy Server, it can support 180 servers?

Hi Jim,

Not exactly. You can have 3x60 servers but your instances don’t share data, so while in total that is 180, you wouldn’t be able to manage them singularly or deploy across instances.