Multiple instances - same package, different projects

For one of our products, we install multiple instances of the same software into different locations on each server.

I need each instance to be installed separately, so I might be running Instance1 as v2.1.10, but Instance2 could be v2.2.1 etc.

If I map instances to projects, then I can parameterise the installations so that I only need a single package for each version, which helps since there are quite a few instances.


  1. Only the first instance actually gets installed, unless you tick force on every deployment/promotion
  2. All installations show as successful, even though the package was only installed for one instance.

Does anyone have any alternative strategies for setting this up?
I had wondered if a Project Group level, Force all packages to be reinstalled switch might help.

You can define a special variable, OctopusForcePackageRedeployment to true in the variables for your project. Then, no matter what is selected on the deployment page, Tentacle will reinstall the package because the variable overwrites the UI setting.


Sounds perfect. I’ll try that today