Multiple Instances of Tentacle

I had tried to create one more instance of Tentacle in the same machine. I could see that it created two Windows services, but the new one was not started. Then I had started it manually. It got started, but after a few seconds it got an error, and it had stopped. Can we not run two instances in parallel?


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You totally can run 2 Tentacle instances on the same machine. 90% of the times this happens because users forget to set the 2nd Tentacle to use a different port than the 1st one. When the 2nd Tentacle attempts to start, it notices that something else is using that port (in this case the 1st Tentacle) and stops the service.

  1. Can you check on both Tentacle’s Tentacle.config file if they are using the same port? You’ll find that file on each Tentacle’s home directory. The xml line you should be looking for looks like this:
<set key="Tentacle.Services.PortNumber">10933</set>
  1. If your investigation from (1) shows you that they are in fact using different ports, please send us the failing Tentacle’s logs. Also please tell us which version of Octopus are you running.

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That worked! Thanks