Multiple hosts

Anybody has a powershell script to create multiple hosts or a suggestion how to go about it?


Thanks for getting in touch! Could you give us a bit more detail on exactly what you are looking for? This way it’ll be easier for anyone in the community to help you out with that script.



ok so i need to set up multiple binding. i worded the question wrong…
essentially i need optimal and manageable way to set up multiple binding for 1 website in IIS for example: port 80, all IPs port 80, all IPs port 80, all IPs

Port and IPs are always the same, domain is as well so i need some way to loop loading them from maybe a coma separated parameter value such as “login,client1,client2,…”.

Right now this process is manual but i want to automate it during each deployment. Hope this helps


We have support for multiple IIS bindings built in. If you choose the IIS web sites feature in your package deployment step, you can add in your host names and we’ll take care of it.

Hope that helps


Yes, i’m actually aware of it but i have to update a template that is used for 15 other projects and i do not want to keep number of new parameters to minimum. If i start adding them the list will grow very quickly and be used by only 1 of 16 projects. Got any other suggestions?



The step Damian is talking about is not a step template. Its the built-in nuget package deploy step. You can configure the step on just that project’s deployment process and it will impact that project alone.

See step.jpg for reference on where to find that field. Keep in mind that to have that field enabled, you’ll need to have the IIS Websites and Application Pools feature enabled on your nuget step.

Hope that helps.



I’m a little confused, are you using the one project for lots of customers ?

I’ve got some ideas for you but don’t want to put them out there if I’m on the wrong track. Can you please describe your process and project configuration ? We can make the discussion private if there’s sensitive stuff.