Multiple deploys show in a release, why?

I have created a project and setup all the steps and everything seems to be working fine.

However, it appears to be running all the steps twice.

The release is going to my “Test” environment. My “Test” environment has 1 server with multiple roles. The release is started by Team City after a successful build.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find any setting that would cause this behavior. Any suggestions?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out. Do you have Automatic Release Creation configured in your proyect along with environments set to be deployed automatically when the release reaches its phase? This would explain that 2nd unexpected deployment.

To know if the environment is set to be deployed automatically, go to your lifecycle and check if it has the lightning icon on it.

Hope that helps!


Thanks. As it turned out, my Team City script was creating a release and Octopus was also set to automatically creating a release (with the lightning icon on it).

Thanks for the help.