Multiple Applications - Sharing Same Project

Hi, I have a question in terms of handling versions of multiple appliations via the same shared project.

E.g. We have 3 applications which are managed by different teams and have different versions.

I have created 1 single Octopus project that has been built in a way that we can use this single project to deploy all 3 application streams (This includes the web deployment, sql updates, ssis packages, ssrs packages for each of the 3 websites).

This issue is that each of these websites will have different versions in terms other the packages.


Therefore we have 3 “package ids”.

The issue is that in the “Deploy a package” step of the project, it aonly appears to allow us to select 1 package id and when doing the release, it enforces that we select this 1 package id.

Therefore my question is how can we allow multiple package ids to be assigned to 1 project. Therefore we can seither select WebApp1, WebApp2 or WebApp3 when creating the release?

The other option is that i need to create and maintain 3 seperate projects with identical steps and then assign each project with a different packageid.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts?


Hi Damien,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is an interesting issue but I think we have a solution that could help. It looks like the best option might be to configure your project’s deployment process config as code. The idea here is that you can manage a master config which contains all of the shared configuration settings and the sub projects could be responsible for the differences such as the package IDs.

The documentation I have linked to has detailed explanation of a couple of methods you can use to achieve this, such as, Space-per-branch approach and Blessed branch approach.

I think this method will probably be the best approach for this sort of problem. If you have any questions or thoughts at all here, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

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