Multiline template variables (beta01)

Is it possible to make the multiline variables properly show multiline values? Now if I paste a multiline value into the default value it will just remove any line breaks, for instance I paste json document into a variable and it just shows as one long line. If I paste it into a variable it will show line breaks as special character and not just remove them. I’d like to use multiline fields for json variables.

Hi again Terje,
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate the time and effort you are putting into giving your thoughts on the 3.4.3-beta001 build. In this case I’m glad to tell you that a fix for the ability to add new lines to the template default has already been added to our develop branch so will be available in the 2nd beta in the coming weeks.
You should already be fine to paste in multi-line text into the standard variables grid. It does indeed replace the line-breaks with a special character to prevent the grid from getting too messy in the UI, but using it should result in proper line breaks being preserved. Have you noticed that this is not the case? If so could you shoot through some more details and\or screenshots and we would be glad to take a deeper look into it.
Thanks again,

I havent had any problems with multiline variables so far. They have proper line breaks when I use them. I’ll check multiline variables again in 2nd beta to see how fix works. :slight_smile: