Multi Version, Multi Package, Multi Deployment Type Configuration

Hi All,

I am hoping for some guidance on how to set up OD to support a non routine configuration. I am currently at the design phase of the OD integration and want to ensure I use best practices. The integration needs to support the following:

Deployment concerns:

  1. Deploy a multi tier solution to a Single environment where both Web and App tier are on single server
  2. Deploy solution across separate physical environments for app and web tiers
  3. Deploy as http (SSL offloading in use)
  4. Deploy as https
  5. Deploy DB scripts in parallel with app changes
  6. Update variables correctly for each environment

Version Concerns:

  1. A current development code stream released to Development, Test, UAT and Production
  2. Support patch releases to a previous release to Development, Test, UAT and Production
  3. Support hotfix releases to a previous release to Development, Test, UAT and Production



Thanks for getting in touch.

I would encourage you to have a look through our comprehensive documentation where you should be able to find answers to most of your questions.

You might like to start by reading more about how to configure your deployment Infrastructure, including setting up Environments (eg Dev, Test, UAT and Production) and Deployment Targets (which represent servers). You can use Target Roles to select which deployment targets each step of your deployment process will run against.

If you are using IIS, then our Deploy to IIS will handle most of the work for you and can be used to setup both http and https bindings.

Steps in your Deployment Process can be run in parallel.

Our variables system is very flexible and allows you to specify different variables for different environments.

You can use Channels to support deploying multiple versions of the same project, such as development, patch and hotfix versions.

None of the requirements you have listed seem unusual, so I would recommend trying to create this project in Octopus Deploy for yourself to see if you hit any problems. I am more than happy to help you with any specific problems you encounter.

Good luck!

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