Multi-tenant deployment for production


We’re working on a complex project which consists of several sub-projects. For simplicity we deploy internal test builds to a single server. That won’t work for production though, where we’d like to deploy Project A and B to server 1 and project C and D to server 2. Is there a way to achieve this with Octopus?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out!

The scenario you are describing will be supported in 3.4 when we add multi-tenancy support: . As mentioned on that link, we’ve released the first alpha version a week ago, and we are aiming for RFC in about 2 months.

At the current version (3.3) the only ways are:

A) Have Server 1 and Server 2 on the same Production environment but with different set of roles. In ProjectA scope the deploy steps for the roles of Server 1. Same for ProjectB and Server2

B) Have Server 1 and Server 2 in different environments.

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