MS Devops - Push Package Metadata to Octopus

Attempting to use the new Push Package Metadata to Octopus step in our release pipelines against octopus cloud v2019.10.1 and getting the error message below. I have confirmed all of the settings in the task are correct and the package does push and release with the correct information just the metadata step fails using the same info.

##[error]TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined

##[error]Failed to push metadata. Path must be a string. Received undefined


Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to see you are having an issue.

The plugin should be compatible with 2019.10.1. Would you please be able to provide a build log containing the error so we can troubleshoot this issue?


The text above is the entire error provided, its off a devops agent so that’s the entire log other then the standard messages.


This error is usually the result of the step being added to a Release pipeline. It requires Build Information and has to be used in a Build pipeline. We hadn’t thought of this scenario in our original implementation, so were expecting a file path we rely on to not be available. Is this the case in your scenario, you have the step in a release pipeline?

I’ve created a GitHub issue to get a better error message added so this is easier to self diagnose.

Hope this helps and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.


yes that sounds correct, we only push our packages from release pipelines.

The build information push and the package push don’t have to both be in the same pipeline. Do you have a Build pipeline that feeds in to the Release pipeline? Is so then you should be able to just add the Build Information step in there.

The data gets aligned inside Octopus at release creation time, so as long as both pushes have happened before the Create Release you should be fine.

I will run some experiments with this over the next week or so, one things that’s slightly problematic is that not every build gets pushed to octopus (we manage development environment releases from devops and then QA and above via octopus) but I’m not sure it that would really be a problem or we just end up with more information then we need which would probably be ok.

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