Moving Octopus to new server and upgrading from 3.4.11 to 3.8


Currently we have octopus server running on version 3.4.11 which is pointing to SQLdatabase (Sql Server 2008) on separate server.

We are planning to install Octopus in new version (3.8) on other server and than just re point it through configuration files connection string to the existing octopus database.

I wonder if this is correct approach as effectively we will be re pointing octopus application in version 3.8 to octopus database which is still on 3.4.11, I’m concerned if there were any architecture changes in db between 3.411 and 3.8 which could cause problems.

So my question is can we do it or do we have to install new version of octopus and at the same time run installation scripts on the existing databse ?

Also the other question is does Octopus support SQL Server 2016 as we will be migrating to this version.

Thanks !

Hi Raf,

Thanks for getting in touch! You cannot run a version of Octopus with a different version of its database. There is no compatibility. If you want to move your Octopus installation, you will have to either upgrade your existing installation to 3.8, then install a new instance of 3.8 on the other server, point it at the database and remove the other node from the database: (you can only have one instance at a time pointed to a single database). If you first stop the service of the original server you may not need to delete an extra node as it will not create a second record.

Your other option is similar except you would install the same version on the secondary server, link the database and then upgrade.

Yes we officially support SQL Server 2016.

If you let me know your preferred method I can provide step by step instructions.


Thanks we succesfully migrated to 3.8.5

Hi Raf,

Glad to hear it. Let me know if you have any further issues or questions :slight_smile: